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Merchant Services 123 Complaints & Reviews

Merchant Services 123 / Don't waste money – you will get nothing from them

Nov 22, 2014

I needed help with my business; therefore I decided to contact the company Merchant Services 123. I paid them large sum of money, but they only promised to help and told some fake promises and blah-blah. The company turned to be real scam. Now I try to get some money from them, but it was really impossible. They are liars and scammers, and I want to find other deceived customers, who lost money. Please we need to stop this company and return our money. Post your comments.

Merchant Services 123 / Don't deal with them

Aug 10, 2014

I got the phone call from the agent from the company Merchant Services 123. He recruited me and told that at the beginning I needed to invest some money. So I invested about $600 and I didn’t bother, ‘coz this guy told me that I would get money back. It was lie, ‘coz after that I never heard from this guy and when I called to this company, it turned out that they never contacted me.