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Memolink Complaints & Reviews

Memolink - Colorado, Denver / They don't pay

Aug 26, 2014

They don't pay. I requested payment in May and they told me for two moths they paid it. Now it is August and I still haven't gotten it. I complained and they said Paypal rejected it but Paypal says that is not so. They say it was never attempted. Still I asked again but I never received it and they owe me more now that I will never see. They are a scam.

Memolink / Bad service


I responded to one of their offers and let me tell you it's always at least 20 min. I usually get frustrated and five up but this offer was for an Oral B toothbrush and I really wanted it. After I received the offer which was language tapes from a company called Onlingo, I checked my account for points or record of anything. I emailed them and they would email back that it could take 30 days and that they can't control when the company this being Onlingo, would update them. This has been going on since late October, so I finally sent them an email like this !!! and finally got a...