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Medicus Complaints & Reviews

Medicus / Non ordered items

Feb 7, 2013

I have just had simialr experience I was offered a cheap DVD then ordered one other item 4 other items I didnt order turned up (one was sunglasses for $95 which I couldnt useas I wear spectacles) they said thye proposed billing my card with an additional $200 for goods I didnt want and didnt order unless I sent them all back at my cost They also included the $9.99 a month deal which gets charged unless you ring and cancel They claimed I had asked for some trials on teh other products which was rubbish as they charge far more than you can buy the prodcut from another retailer. all in all a...

Medicus - California, Vista / Reimbursed funds


On June 28th, 2008 I ordered the Stack and Tilt DVD set along with the Driver, 5 iron and the 7 iron golf club from Medicus. I ordered on line. While ordering I was looking at the webpage and thought I was paying one price for the items. When I looked at my credit card statement a couple days later, I noticed I was being charged $496.00 for the entire set of everything I ordered. The website was very deceiving. I called Medicus and asked them to stop the shipment, I was told the shipment had already went out and whatever clubs I didnt want, I was just to return them and I would be reimbursed...