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Medicare Complaints & Reviews

Medicare / scam

Feb 26, 2019

Got a phone call from number 1-888-866-8004 stating they work with medicare and want me to get a free cancer scanning test I asked how they got my business number said medicare gave it to them plus my medicare number I asked what it is no answer but woman with the unknown accent came back on to tell me she was heppa compliant wanted to ask me more questions I hung up I called the number that was on my phone identity system and was given another number it said I just called which was 603-891-1559 a dental lab from new hampshire which was also disconnected. Medicare asked me to call you and inform you on what's happening so that maybe you can help stop these phoney calls and scams

Medicare - Texas, Austin / begin epay

Jun 13, 2017

why would it ever take 3 months to set up payments via epay? this is "standard" for Medicare's epay, but I've never had payments take more than 3 days, or 5 if a week-end was involved. (2nd question) why is there no one at Medicare nor Social Security who can confirm that epay will -- WILL -- bein and give me a date in the future that it REALLY WILL be taken out of my checking? I work full time and don't have all day to hang on the phone, plus my employer doesn't want me on the phone during work hours. thank you.

Medicare / will not remburse individual

May 21, 2012

Although I am not a veteran, the VA Hospital in Houston, TX admitted me as an emergency case on Oct. 19, 2010, because I had a cardiac arrest near the entrance (I was going to visit a friend). During my stay there, Stacie Henson from the Biling Dept. told me that it was a Congressional regulation that the VA Hospital could not file a claim to Medicare for my (a non-veteran) charges and that the hospital would provide a claim form and medical records for me to file as a individual non-veteran. In a few months I received a bill for $12, 222 and filed the claim with Medicare. Soon after I...