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mcentire produce Complaints & Reviews

mcentire produce - South Carolina, Columbia / long hours of waiting for trucker

Aug 1, 2011

we are trucker and been driving their load for the last four months. everytime we are here they make us wait for at least three hours so they could process other trucks who came after us. they said that we should have appt yet they dont provide us with a phone number or anything to contact them. i even go as far as complaining to their receiving dept yet their response was" sorry my pay check doesnt come from you" . by the way the company we pick up the product from always expect us to arrive on time. we are loosing time and money because of idoling in the hot summer days.

mcentire produce / Labor


McEntire Produce is full of ###, they work you like slaves for less than 7.00, they work you for hrs and hrs without giving a damn about you. McEntire Produce has strict rules as if they are superior, when the real truth is they are just as unorganized and low-budget as they come. Their plant stinks and so does the attitudes of the employers, which ever rich ### opened this plant is stupid, and should be closed down immediately, they have illegal workers and can not get normal people to work for them because of their unorganized and slave liked enviroment, do not work for these people they are slave owners !!!

mcentire produce - South Carolina, Columbia / illegal hrs of serivce/and equipment


Well to begin with most all their trucks want idle and you freeze in winter and burn up in the summer. they pay salary 600.00dollars aweek they tell you to log sleeperwhile you unload 28000lbs of produce with a manual pallet jack. and you dont get paid foe easy day is 18hrs long you can work 28days straight 22hrs a day the loads at nite are over weight because the scales in n.c./s.c .are usaually closed .you drive slip seat never know what shape them 1995freightliners are going to be in. you can write up truck for serivce and its weeks befor it gets fixed, or doesnt gt fixed. you dead head free no lay over pay no detention payeither.i figured iwas making about 6.50 an hr. DO NOT WORK THERE.