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MBNA MasterCard Complaints & Reviews

MBNA MasterCard / Horrible company, horrible customer service

Jul 19, 2012

This is THE worst credit card company I have ever dealt with! I made a payment in error to an account that had been closed for 3 months. It was very obvious that it was a mistake, but instead of calling me, they applied the payment to another credit card without asking me first. They refuse to refund me the payment. They are rude, disrespectful and of no help at all! Their customer service is just TERRIBLE! DON'T APPLY FOR THEIR CARDS unless you want unecessary headaches. They are dishonest and grab any money they can from their customers. Will pay everything off and close all cards with them.

MBNA MasterCard - Ontario, Mississauga / Travel Insurance


I was billed for Travel Insurance, which was never requested or authorized by me. Spoke to Customer service rep. about previous paid balance, $500.00 CDN was charged on my MBNA account without knowledge since the amount due wasn't itemized with any detail. I also never revieved any policy number for these travel insurance policies. Nor did I ever request or concent to such a service, as claimed by the sales rep. at MBNA Canada. I was billed once again, but managed to cancel the next charge. When I request a refund from the previous payment, I was told that MBNA does not process refund...

MBNA MasterCard / Catch even the most diligent payees with usary late fees!


MBNA's FLOATING DUE DATE has one purpose, and one purpose only. Catch even the most diligent payees with usary late fees! I have been an MBNA MasterCard holder for over 20 years. As I got older and wiser, I got rid of all of my credit cards except for this one card. I use it when I can't use an ATM or I think I might want to return the item and want the leverage of using a credit card. I have a monthly payment made through my Bill payment (online) service on the 16th of each month because I was told it was due on the 21st. This worked fine until this month when I saw a $39 late fee...