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Master Mechanic Complaints & Reviews

Master Mechanic - Ontario, Toronto / not a complaint but a Big Compliment

Jul 05, 2012

I drove my daughter home from london Ont after having her home on an emergency for my wife in hospital . in Toronto my engine went on my car not far from her house. . I took it down the street to Master Mechanic and told Mike there of my perdicament if he could look at it: They were booked solid but he said leave it with him and he could see if he could help me. They got to it in short order and told me i needed a motor and they could do it for me and i told them being a new or rebuilt i would like it do have it done at home area for it would take a few days as well as the warrenty would be...

Master Mechanic - Ontario, Milton / Unnecessary Repairs

Apr 03, 2012

I have been often to this particular mechanic shop..but the work that they do there is a go in for a simple oil change and you come out paying for more repairs that need not be done (eg. brakes, noises that were not there when you brought the car in). Yes sometimes they will call you but there are times that they do not call you and just simply go ahead with the extra repairs. You at the end are the one that has to pay for all of this even though the extra repairs were not needed. this has happend to me and others more than once and now it is time to do something about it.