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Marwest Access Controls Complaints & Reviews

Marwest Access Controls - California, Canoga Park / Bad customer service


Placed an order on March 17, 2009. After several phone calls and emails order status was updated to ship in 4 -6 weeks in an email on April 1, 2009. As of May 27, 2009, we still have no information concerning our order. I have left so many phone messages for everyone whose name is listed on the contact list and sent the same amount of emails to those same people that you would think one of them would call me back but nooooooo! I have even left messages for the Martial, Owner (818) 435-0266 with no success. We are now wondering if they are still in business? I looked up Marwest Access Controls on the internet and they have about 15 different company names, so please be aware...It is a scam.

Marwest Access Controls / Terrible company


This company must cease to conduct business. They haven't returned countless emails or voice mails. The likelihood of speaking with someone live is impossible. My greatest hope is that they will soon be out of business. since they won't answer my calls I have programmed 4 phones lines in my home with their 800 number and I constantly dial them to run up their 800 service minutes. You must call in every hour for this to continue to stay live. I will do whatever it takes to break this company. Much the same as a previous disgruntled customer, if I lived closer to their organization I would pay them a visit. Do not under any circumstance do business with these discourteous idiots.