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maruchan ramen Complaints & Reviews

maruchan ramen - Wisconsin, Balsam Lake / worm in food


Chicken flavor Maruchen Ramen just purchased July 2010. Date on package 10/04/11 FQ#11:57 After I cooked and ate more than half, I found a worm in the noodles. It is longer than a 1/4 inch and seams to have many legs. I then felt sick all evening, in fact still feel sick now just thinking about it. Can I turn this insident into the Health Department? or some where? Who monitors food quality? Linda in Balsam Lake [email protected] Could take a photo, but decided not to right now. The worm looks terrible. and to think I could have eaten a few of them!

maruchan ramen / worms in packet


today i opened a packet of maruchan ramen chicken flavored noodles and there were dried worms all throughout the noodles. this is very unacceptable. i had three little kids that also eat these noodles from time to time. and to find out that there were worms in the packet is something thaat i will not stop talking about. i also will be spreading the news to other parents.