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Maruchan Complaints & Reviews

Maruchan - California, Irvine / ramen noodle soup

Sep 16, 2018

Son was eating the soup on his last bite he felt a hard piece of something in his tooth and when he took it out to see what it was he saw a piece of glass also looked it up and multiple people have found glass also. There needs to be something done as this dangerous and since he bit it he dont know if he swallowed any hes scared he might have i just bought this from walmart 2 days ago

Maruchan / Hair in a sealed package


I was utterly disgusted when I opened my Yakisoba noodles only to find a long strand of hair in the sealed packet. I contacted Maruchan to inform them that not only had I found a piece of hair in my package, but others have found bugs, maggots, spiders, crickets, etc. I informed them that I did not want a coupon or rebate. Instead, I would never buy their products again, nor would I recommend their products to anyone I know. I'm not too sure if my complaint was taken seriously. However, if anyone is interested in complaining to the company about their despicable production facilities the number is (949) 789-2300. Please feel free to inform them that you are disgusted with their products.