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Marina Noble Complaints & Reviews

Marina Noble / alert of fake "medical director of biopharma vigilance"; fake md, mph - scamming with pharmacy fraud

Apr 15, 2019

Marina Noble, fake MD, PhD (former name Marine Mkhitaryan, an Edmund Muskie Program dropout who illegally stayed in the USA via immigration perjury and forgery) is also a notorious scammer, hacker, fraud and shoplifter. Not only she ruins families and careers with her criminal trollism (publishing anonymous or impersonating posts in the Internet under her victims' names, opening entire web URL addresses under her victims' names and demolishing the latter with ridiculous libels, with her sick, diabolic and deviant declarations - all projections of her low life), but she also fools and...

Marina Noble /, fraudulent website, (watertown, ma): credit card trap, fraud, also impersonating justin klein, from klein pharmaceuticals

May 29, 2018

Marina Noble (formerly, Marine Mkhitaryan) is neither MD, nor she has earned any MPH degree. She changes addresses often, as she flees from the FBI/FDA prosecution. In her land Armenia, her address was: Streets of Gyumri and Yerevan in Armenia In 2001, she infamously entered the USA through Edmund Muskie Program (after she had corrupted the Armenian staff of the program). With her zero vocabulary in English she was unable to study at BU. Instead, she prostituted with men from dating sites, got pregnant from a random Kurdish man from who abandoned her and refused to take...