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Marcus M.Thomas Complaints & Reviews

Marcus M.Thomas - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / perpetrator who uses people against their their family

Jan 04, 2019

Marcus M.Thomas is a perpatrator who uses people and uses people against their family.He be thinking that pro wrestling is fake. Marcus be thinking negative about everything especially about college thinking that college makes a person smart and be thinking that college is for everybody!!! College don't make a person smart and College is not for everybody, Everybody doesn't go to college!!! College is a waste of time and money. He forces people to do things that they don't wanna do, He forces people to go to places with him where he embarrass you on the city bus.He messes up...

Marcus M.Thomas - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Marcus M. Thomas is crazy, crooked, corrupt and evil

Mar 13, 2017

Marcus M. Thomas is crazy, crooked, corrupted and wicked at 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Marcus called me nosey. Kent Cory is full of crap, Dorena Banks is full of crap too!!! Kent Cory don't care about nobody especially black tenants, On 5th floor, Larry Ozimek, T.Kyles, and Nick McLannon they are crooked too.On the 6th floor Chikeya M.Longley and that white girl are crazy too!!! Kent Cory and Dorena Banks rent to bad black, bad white and bad hispanic tenants in that building.Kent Cory and Dorena Banks are poison to Wiegand Enterprises. Homeless people come to that...

Marcus M.Thomas - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / marcus m. thomas be manipulating people and be denying stuff on people

Mar 08, 2017

When I was living at 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue on the 6th floor from 2004 to 2005. Marcus M. Thomas used, manipulated and tricked Rennard Cotton to get what he want. Marcus was not a good friend to him. Marcus be drinking alcohol, acting crazy around him. Rennard was a good tenant in that building until Marcus used and took advantage of him. Marcus manipulated him to give Chikeya M.Longley money for school and she never got the money.In 2005, I moved out of that apartment building because of Marcus M. Thomas and to get close to my son Jimmy. Marcus be charging and betting people money over...

Marcus M.Thomas - Wisconsin, Milwaukee / Marcus M.Thomas is not a friend,He uses people and takes advantage of people

May 30, 2015

Marcus M.Thomas is a user, He uses people and takes advantage of people!!! He manipulates people into doing evil and doing things.In 2003 me and him lived in the same apartment building at 2435 West Wisconsin Avenue.He used me and manipulated me into giving Chikeya M.Longley money, because she was getting kicked out of college.I asked Chikeya did she get the money from under her door, She said no she never got the money.Marcus was telling me negative information about women and sex!!! He forced me to go to MATC(Milwaukee Area Technical College), I went to MATC and it did not work out for me...