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Marathon Complaints & Reviews

Marathon / your attitude on advertising on the sean hannity show

Nov 13, 2017

You have stopped advertising on the Sean Hannity show, caving to leftists who want to tell everyone how to think and how to live. They have NO evidence that Sean supports child molesters - which is what they are calling Judge Moore. He interviewed the judge and asked some tough questions. Does the judge not have the right to speak for himself (whether innocent or guilty)? Is this America or Russia or China? Please do not cave in to Media Matters - many of the people writing to you are paid by them and by George Soros . They have ruined and tried to ruin many conservative lives. Show some American spirit and respect for the Constitution.

Marathon - Illinois, Arlington Heights / Poor Customer Service

Oct 20, 2012

I attempted to put air in one of my tires and (after paying $1.00) to do so. Either the machine didn't work or I was doing something wrong, so I asked the attendant and he, not only said, it didn't work, but replied - in very broken English - "Can't you read" -- read what??? there was no note indicating it was out of order. He was extremely rude (and rude is putting it very lightly). I later called the station and asked for the main number to Marathon (you would think they would have this information) but his reply was "no" and hung up. Now, I don't mean to be disrespectful...