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MakeBelieve Ragdolls Complaints & Reviews

MakeBelieve Ragdolls - New York, Afton / Sick Kittens

Aug 31, 2013

A kitten I bought from Debbie Corrado last year died of FIP around December. She recently offered to give me a replacement kitten - I was tempted to decline because of her husbandry practices. But in the end, it's a free Ragdoll kitten and she would be taking a loss on it, so I decided it was worth the risk. Though Debbie was very nice to me and seems to know what she's talking about in writing, in person it is an entirely different story. I feel I need to warn potential customers. Debbie asked me to meet her in a parking lot. In emails she would ignore requests to see her home...

MakeBelieve Ragdolls - New York / Dodgy breeder

Aug 12, 2012

I received a kitten from Deb Corrado, and though she is an absolute sweetheart, she did come to me with fleas and ear mites. This breeder releases kittens as young as 8 weeks (most good breeders don't let their kittens go before 12 weeks), and is inconsistent in the date my kitten was born on. She initially told me she was born on April 27, then on her shot record sheet her DOB is April 23, and on her TICA paperwork it's listed as April 21. So now I'm not certain which date is accurate. Deb appears to have produced a lot of beautiful cats with good personalities. But she seems to have cut some corners in her kitten care.

MakeBelieve Ragdolls - New York / FIP

Feb 06, 2012

I truly cannot understand how this woman's cattery is still operating. I had gotten a kitten from her, and she was very nice through out the entire 8 weeks that I had waited for the kitten. Upon her getting the remaining balance of the kitten, she no longer bothered to keep in contact. Reaching her was impossible. I had to put my kitten to sleep at 4 months because of FIP. It is truly painful to have undergone such a massive stress, and I would hate to know that there are other kittens being brought into this world, only to die painfully after a few months. This is the wrong way to make money.