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Make Wide Turns Complaints & Reviews

Make Wide Turns / the truth

Aug 13, 2012

Danielle, you asked us to ignore the lies that are written here and I did while I was with you, but it has been a few weeks since I decided to take the big step and retire, and now I can respond if I want. I have over these past few weeks been reflecting on my two years with Make Wide Turns. I miss working with you, Shannon and the rest of the crowd. When Monday mornings come along I still find myself wanting to call and be on the conference calls. Old habits die hard. When I started with Make Wide Turns in February 2010 I was so green about what I was doing. All I knew at that time was I...

Make Wide Turns - Texas / Recruiters make promises and do not follow through

Apr 02, 2012

This has to be one of the worst recruiting agencies. I put my resume out to a company and these knuckleheads call me up promising me they got me an orientation setup. After about a week I had already turned down two other offers coming directly from trucking companies, and I call the recruiter Danielle Bailey and she keep telling me I am scheduled for orientation but the company, Celadon, is backed up. Anyways after 3 weeks I finally had enough. I ended up turning down 4 offers in total because of this woman. Luckily I just put out a new resume and Im headed to orientation this week. Dont even bother dealing with these guys they dont get anybody hired.

Make Wide Turns - Texas, Arlington / Scammed Never PAID

Feb 09, 2012

Daniel Bailey is a total trailer park trash scam white hill billy. She made us work for her for free. She is a total piece of $hit, worthless white trash. She also has a bagel shop that you should never go into. That shop is also in the city of Arlington, Texas. Daniel Bailey LIED TO ME and she LIES to everyone! All of this is true. She has her [censored] hillbilly relatives working for her, they have no clue on what they are doing. She always goes on these very expensive vacations. She is one fat pig! Daniel also trashes all the companies she recruits for esp USA TRUCK. Daniel stated that...