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Mags4Cheap Complaints & Reviews

Mags4Cheap / Fraud and scam


I wish I would have looking into this "company" before I "purchased" from them! I ordered a magazine for Valentine's Day, and a week later I got an email that said the publisher received it. Great!, I thought. 12 weeks pass, still no issues, but I thought maybe it was because it wasn't a monthly subscription. Then I needed to change my address, with which I received a prompt email back from mags4cheap saying I should contact the publisher directly. Great!, I thought. Well today I called the publisher, and THEY HAVE NEVER HEARD OF ME! No order, no account, nothing. I should have gone...

Mags4Cheap - Texas / rip offs


Mags 4 cheap charged my Visa Nov' 07 and there was an error message on my transaction, they don't even know what magazine I chose! I emailed customer service, twice, immediately thereafter. Haven't heard a peep now a week later. Charge showed up on my VISA two days later! Total Crooks! Run Away!!

Mags4Cheap / No magazine - No refund!


Ordered (4) magazines in March, 2007 and paid by "VISA' in the amount of $79. Two days later, charges were shown on my "VISA" statement. As of this writing, Tuesday, October 23rd, 2007 I have not received any magazines and I have not received a refund as they promised. Spread the word to all your friends and neighbors not to do business with them... I have made numerous telephone calls and sent many e-mails to no avail... I should have known better... but it's guys like these that ruin it for all the other people that try to do business in a reputable manner. We should run them out of the country! I'm ready for a "Class Action Lawsuit" if anyone will join me. Kindest regards, Byron Hanson.

Mags4Cheap / Problems with subscription reimbursement!


I placed an order for Blue and Gold Illustrated with mags4cheap on 12/12/06 at which time my Visa was promptly billed for $21.95. After the 10-12 week period which they said a monthly may take to receive, I called mags4cheap and was told I needed to wait a couple more weeks. In early April I talked to a Nicole at mags4cheap who told me that they had sent an email several weeks before this informing me that the subscription could not be carried out. I never received the email. I then inquired about my refund and she said "we have to send you a check, we can't credit your Visa" because of...