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Magellan G.P.S. Complaints & Reviews

Magellan G.P.S. - California, Santa Clara California / 5235T-LM

Oct 26, 2015

I purchased this unit as a refurbished one on Ebay which included lifetime maps. It was used about three times and seems not to work well with their content manager on the site when attempting to find updates. I tried to contact customer support and it seems not only do they not list this model as existing but they no longer recognize me as a registered customer. I was prompted to re-apply for registration and given a bad url to do so. This company in my opinion has the worst customer service as they never tried to contact me back and their GPS quality seemingly is the worst on the market.

Magellan G.P.S. - Ontario, Hamilton / Price Match?


I guess this can be called "selective Price Matching"...For a company that has been around so many years supported by Canadians or they would'nt exist, did they forget how they got there. I purchased a Magellan Triton 400 G.P.S. from C.T. at queenston & Nash Rd in Hamilton Ontario. I found the product at a cheaper price at BASS PRO shops, $149.00...Can T. price $179.95 ...So I brought them in the print out from Bass Pro shops and they matched the price. That same evening after taking the product home and reading through all the material, I decided I should have gotten the more superior model...