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Aug 17, 2015

3 weeks ago I bought handbag from the website I received the order on time and the seller was ok. But when I opened the parcel, I noticed that the handbag wasn’t close. I tried the zipper and it was broken already. I emailed the seller, but he told me that it couldn’t be truth. Also he told that I broke it and he refused to change the handbag. How could I proof the seller that the zipper was already broken and it wasn’t my fault? / Seller stopped to reply after I returned the order back

Aug 15, 2015

My sister bought handbag from the website The process of purchase and delivery was prompt and fine, but the quality of the handbag was awful. The handbag arrived in damaged condition and the zip was already broken. She took pics and sent to the seller, who that he would change it, but he wouldn’t provide any compensation. I agreed and sent the handbag back, but since this moment I haven’t heard from the seller. Any ideas what has happened with the seller? / Deceptive selling tactics

Aug 17, 2012

The site claims "Hassle Free Returns", front and center on their front page. However, hidden within a full page of return policy, they note that they only accept returns made within 3 days of receiving the item. If you try to make a return on day 4, you're out of luck. Sounds like deceptive selling tactics. / I'd stay away from their site and at the very least do your homework before you take someone's word for granted

Dec 20, 2011

The concern here is that the retail price on many of their bags are NOT accurate. For example the Chanel Cambon Large Tote retailed less than a year ago at $1975, however the website states the Cambon Large Tote retails for $2415 which is absolutely not correct information. Of course they claim they sell bags for over half 50% off retail price. Sure, if you post inaccurate prices that are not true and then add your sale price, anyone can claim that they offer half off. It's disconcerting when you find dishonesty at the very beginning, what else are they being dishonest about. I'd stay away...