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Lute Riley Honda Complaints & Reviews

Lute Riley Honda / Stay away


I suggested this company to people for the last two years after finding my dream car there one day and having what I thought was a great experience. It might be good until you actually try to redeem anything they sell you!! I'm currently going through h-e-double hockeysticks right now because they sold me their "Platinum Care Warranty" when I bought my car 2 years ago and now that I go to actually use it... 'Oh, we don't service that anymore, call this company you've never heard of to try and redeem it.' So I do.. oh, what? The warranty doesn't do any of the things they...

Lute Riley Honda - Texas, Richardson / They run a scam & rude employees


My girlfriend and myself went to Lute Riley Honda in Richardson to see about purchasing a used car. We met with a salesman and he informed us that before he could speak to us about purchasing a car, I had to sign an “agreement” that stated that if the both of us agreed upon a price, I would purchase the car. I told him I really didn’t see the need to sign this “agreement” but he said if I didn’t, he could not show us any cars. I reluctantly signed the “agreement” only because my girlfriend found a car she liked. We then started negotiations on the...