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LuminousBrites Complaints & Reviews

LuminousBrites / Scam


In September 2008 I responded to an unsolicited email from advertising a teeth whitening product. I ordered the product for $4.99 and it was sent to me. In October 2008 the same account I used to purchase the whitening product was debited by the same company,, for a larger supply of the product in the amount of $88.97. I DID NOT AUTHORIZE THE COMPANY TO DEBIT MY ACCOUNT FOR ANY PRODUCT EXCEPT THE TEETH WHITENING PRODUCT AND GAVE NO ONE IN THE WORLD PERMISSION TO USE MY ACCOUNT FOR ANY PURCHASES WHATSOEVER AFTER THE ORIGINAL ORDER OF THE TEETH...

LuminousBrites - California, Glendale / I want my money back, I did not order any more than a sample.


I only ordered a sample of a tooth whitener and I was entered in a monthly supply at the cost of $88.97, billed to my credit card under just an internet sale, no identifable name. I want it stopped imiedietly!!! I want my credit back on my visa card!!! This is the biggest false advertising I have ever seen. I am willing to send back both deliveries I have recieved, ASAP. Please let me know how you want me to handle this situation. DeAnnfriedrichs [email protected]