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Luminous Complaints & Reviews

Luminous / inverter


Itseems that luminous inverters are facing a lot of flak. After reading the review below i would certainly not go for it. - Anya ___________________________________ Dear Sir/ Madam I had purchased Luminous inverter in month of on 21.01.2008, I was going for exide battery but, he advised me to go for Luminous battery.for hassel free services. with in one month the inverter was replaced due to intermintent problem.after that no of complains were made . in july 2009 .they have replaced a mother board of inverter. in the mean time one year of warrenty of batery was over . in complete year of...

Luminous / Problem for UPS Systems Devices


Problem for UPS Systems Devices Generic problem for all UPS Systems Devices I have recently replaced my luminous inverter's i have recently replaced my luminous inverter's batteries with the same new exide batteries as the older ones after around 8 years . The earlier ones gave back-up of around 6 hours for 5 years and then gradually deteorated for next 3 years .now the newer ones are not giving back-up of 1 hour .the battery installer says our inverter's pre-set has to be tuned.what should i do

Luminous / Battery caught Fire


I have purchased a luminous inverter and battery a year ago. On monday dated May 31, The battery caught fire and the entire room was full of fire and smoke. The acid was spread in the room floor. People had to cut off the electricity supply to save my family. In this incident, my inverter, refrigerator and the room interior is burnt and damaged. Besides this, my family is in trauma and we are facing problems due to electricity back up. I have complained twice but people in luminous are not paying heed. I am writing to you since i think that luminous is a prestigious brand which has a superior...

Luminous / Problem in Luminous Batteries


I purchased Luminous Inverter 3 years back with Exide batteries. After three years when batteries very totally exausted I went to the dealer KAMAL ELECTRICAL TRADERS, OLD MAHAVIR NAGAR, NEW DELHI-18 and asked about batteries and they told us that if you are having Luminous Inverter you better take Luminous Batteries. Becasue if you take Exide Batteries they will not give you home service and Luminous will give you home service as well as backup for batteries. So we decided and took Luminous IL 16000 Batt. on 29th June, 2008 (no. of batteries are 067471, 0389887). But after a week problem arise...