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Low Pay Inc Complaints & Reviews

Low Pay Inc - California, Los Angeles / Fraud


I paid $400.00 In fee last October 15, 2008, to get this card and catalog service. They charged our credit card again on Oct. 15, 2009 for $99.00, as payment for the membership fee. I never received a card nor a catalog and have never used this service. I am going to contest this and want a refund of all my money charged to my card. Will file a case with the FBI and the proper authorities. Cristina G. Schallig 157 Waterview Terrace Vallejo, CA 94547 or 1051 Salt Spray Terrace Hercules, CA 94591

Low Pay Inc - Oregon, Beaverton / Fraud!!!!!


In the last week of November 2008 I recieved a Low Pay redit ard in the mail. i was curious so i looked up the email address on the back of the card. I found four steps to follow to activated the card but after the 1st step i became confused and decided to contact them phone. After speaking with a lowpay rep who seemed just as cunfused as I was, I decided not to go through with it.I told the gentleman that I was not interested and he informed me that there was none of my information in their system and i had nothing to worry about. About two weeks later $79.00 was taken out of my account. I...