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Low Book Sales Complaints & Reviews

Low Book Sales - Utah, Lindon / safety is not priority

Sep 18, 2013

I would not go here. They do the least amount of safety according to the service manager. Talking to the service manager about the tread pulling apart from the tire. And damaging my vehicle only two weeks after driving off the lot, He claimed the cracks were not deep enough to be against the safety laws. And even though the suggested expiration date (suggested by the tire company) passed four years ago he claimed he was doing the minimum requirements for Utah safety laws. So after owning the truck for two weeks I have holes and cracks in my dually fender and it is no longer legal because the...


Apr 16, 2011

I bought my car at Low Book Sales about two years ago, its a 2003 Passat VW. They told me my car was never in an accident they even showed me the paper work, I wish I would've printed that. Once I got my car it immediately stared having problems the oil pressure light keept coming on and the Check Engine light. I took it to them about four times they said nothing was wrong with it. Shortly after that my car keept getting worse my oil pannel feel apart, My axels broke and my Antifreeze started leaking, also my struts are starting to go. The seat warmers are not working theres a crack in...

Low Book Sales / We were sold a car with a broken radiator


The salesperson put pressure on us to purchase the car immediately, we were sold a car with a broken radiator, and I got the runaround every time I tried to call Low Book Sales. I mentioned the radiator after I test-drove the car, and they promised to invest 1700 in repairs, including the radiator. They only put on new tires, a new muffler, and changed the oil. I brought it back because it still smelled like antifreeze and was told there was no problem. I took it to my mechanic and was told the radiator was leaking and needed to be replaced! They are unethical, incompetent, and I will NEVER go back! Do yourself a favor and go ANYwhere else!

Low Book Sales / Do not deal with them


At first they were treating me well. couple days ahead filled out credit app made appointment . day of appointment they started finding things wrong, kept saying will call back, but i had to call them. more the 4 or 5 times i got from them i will call you at a certain time, but as much as hour past and not call so i called, still kept getting run around./ if they would have been straight forward and said we can't help me then i would have felt ok with it, but the run around made me upset . I recommend that no one deals with them.

Low Book Sales - Utah, Salt Lake City / Bait-and-Switch


Classic Bait-and-Switch, and by a well-known dealership! Low Book Sales lists cars on the largest community classifieds website,, for very low prices, and then changes the price on the buyer after they're already interested. It is clearly an unethical attempt to lure customers into buying a more expensive vehicle. Its purpose is to get customers to come in to the dealership by FALSELY advertising the vehicle at a "special low price", then after they're interested and ready to spend their money, tell them it was a mistake and the vehicle is actually much more...