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loose women - England, Staffordshire / Presenters

Sep 4, 2011

I wish to complain about the presenters on Loose Women. Is it ITV's policy to look around for the most annoying presenters, when recruiting for Loose Women? ITV apparantly is looking to improve viewing figures with the likes of Carol Vorderman (fake laugh, fake personality and overal just plain annoying), Lisa Maxwell (no personality, her annoying life stories and just plain boring), Andrea McLean (Why oh why get rid of Kate Thornton and keep Andrea (me me me) McLean? And last but certainly by no means least, the ghastly Jenny Eclair. Jenny obviously made the programme on the back of...

loose women / Talking rubbish


Good afternoon, I just wanted to let you know how unhappy some of the comments made today on your show about infertility made me. After trying for a baby for over seven years it is so sad that people can just say things without realising the affect on people. Saying such nasty things like 'People who want to start having a family shouldn't leave it late and should leave work and concentrate on having one'. Me and my husband work hard don't claim any benefits and like a lot of people work hard for what we have. We would love nothing more than to stop work and have...