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Lookers Complaints & Reviews

Lookers - England, Cheshire, Warrington / Poor service

Sep 21, 2013

Bad servicing. I paid £325 to have my car serviced and brake fluid changed. The car was delivered back. 30 minutes later I took it for a drive. Code 79 = low oil. Brake system hissing and spongy. So I took it immediately back and spoke to the manager or somebody who claimed to be. They said it was too late to do anything but guaranteed to call me 1st thing. They suggested that I drive home carefully. The last time I had it serviced at Lookers St. Helens. Straight after that, code 82 = need to change the oil and it was filthy. So, do not trust this hick outfit and by the way the MPG on...

Lookers / Overcharged on a used car

Sep 16, 2011

The price seen on the windscreen of the car before i purchase it In good faith was £4991.00 for my car, A Matiz 09 plate On 13th March 2010, and when Finally receiving my paperwork some four months later in July 2010 only to find out two of the extras they have added on was for Gap Insurance and Tyre Insurance to the combined price of £833.00 which i did not ask for, and this only had 14 days to cancel it or it will become none refundable. And also added £1008.00 to the price of my car? This was added on for no reason and they will not tell me the reason the car was ticked as a...

Lookers / Beware of this company


I bought a brand new, 08 plate Tigra from them, collected March 1st. Travelling to work less than 6 months later the car completely cut out in the middle of a budy junction. I called the only number I had available on the window sticker for the dealership to be told that information of my AA membership could be found in my black folder which happened to be in the boot of the car. The boot is mechanically operated and therefore not only did they want me to get out of my car on this busy 4 way junction to retrieve it, if I did, I still would not be able to get to the folder anyway! After finally...