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lohit realty ltd Complaints & Reviews

lohit realty ltd / Loss of investment, non-repayment of principal amount and interest

May 07, 2015

I had invested Rs. 1, 00, 000/- in the Saral Sathi scheme of Lohit Realty Ltd. on November 22, 2013 for a period of 3 years. According to this scheme, I was supposed to receive Rs. 1, 100 every month as interest and on the completion of investment period get the principle amount back along with some enhanced valuation. However, once the scheme started, I have received Rs. 1, 100 interest amount only for the first month - Dec. 2013. Post this, haven't received any interest amount for the last 27 months. Due to the non-payment of interest amounts by the company, I requested my agent Mr. Dipankar...

lohit realty ltd / terminet 3 ids for mis selling

Jan 02, 2013

three leaders ids had terminated for their mis selling concept. 2 leaders are kakinara 1 leader is from birati... these all 3 leaders are failure in their whole life... these are unsuccessful caders persons. these men always changing companies within 3 or 4 months. these are no 1 cheaters. they take money time to time from companies . whenever companies don't give extra money (extra advantage) at that time they tell in market company is not good (company is not good position).so plz beware everyone...this kind of men never made success in their life and want no success in other life...