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Locksmith Complaints & Reviews

Locksmith - Texas, Austin / damaged property

Jun 23, 2013

This locksmith (Certified Locksmith ATX) company damaged the frame to my front door while gaining entry. They have refused to make repairs or even acknowledge that the damaged was caused by their locksmith tools. The manager wouldn't even give me his name at first. They charged $215, which is incredibly high. The least they can do is refund $100 of it so I can fix my door.

Locksmith - Utah, Salt Lake City / Dishonest, scammers

Jun 5, 2012

We locked our keys in the car and googled Run Local Locksmith. The website states "..we cost only $15 for visiting which is the least price as compared to the others in the market." We inquired about someone coming out and unlocking our car. We were told a local locksmith would be calling to confirm. Soon the phone rang and our location was confirmed and we inquired on price. The quote was given of $15 for travel, $45 for labor for a total of $65 (what happened the to $15 visit, lowest?). The price was agreed upon. Once the locksmith arrived he said it would cost $150 to unlock the car! Thi...

Locksmith - Michigan, centre line / Best And Affordable LockSmiths


I do not give a damn to any type of charges which a locksmith would charge me when the guests of hotel are struck up in an elevator. That is exactly what happened and the locksmith from Run Local Locksmith actually came running in within the next 20 minutes. I breathed a sigh of relief. The locksmith gave me the change back after deducting his due charges, which were very reasonable as compared to the nature of service rendered. No qualms from my side. Considering the nature of the work and the fact that a locksmith may not be occupied for a long time, I think that the charges that they asked me were quite reasonable. I am satisfied.

Locksmith - Maryland, Pasadena Odenton Annapolis / Master of Lies and Forgery-Not Locks


Mr Joseph Horton likes to quote you one price ($250.00 for a car unlock) and charge your credit card 5 times the quote($1, 006.43) After you refuse to sign the receipt that contains the unauthorized charges he sends signed (forged) receipts to your bank and the BBB. Check out the numerous complaints filed with the BBB, Consumer Protection Division, The Federal Trade Commission and Goggle reviews! His web site claimes he is licensed and bonded-LIES!