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Loan Modifications Complaints & Reviews

Loan Modifications - Utah / Not honoring Money Back Guarantee


I paid $, 3000.00 for a promised loan modification on my home. After supplying huge amounts of personal financial information I was told by ModifyUtah that my income was too high to qualify for a modification. They make a big deal about their %100 Money Back Guarantee. I have asked for my money back. I not received any of my money back, and they are not returning my e-mails. To date I have not received any of their advertized services nor any of my money back. This seems to me to be fraudulent. Perhaps I can recoup some of my money through a small claims hearing. They seem quite upfront and honest...don't be deceived as I have been. The experience with them has been a huge waste of money and time.

Loan Modifications - California / Fraud


I am calling out the United Law Group as swindlers and frauds. I hadn't realized that there were so many complaints against them when we got involved. There racket now is to get homeowners involved with them, prtend to try and work with your lender, then once your home is ready for foreclosure they stop taking your calls and continue to have your calls go to voicemail. If there are anyone involved with a lawsuit against ULG please post. Frustrated client of United Law Group!!!