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Loan Modification Complaints & Reviews

Loan Modification / unreasonable mod refusal reason

Dec 10, 2014

We have applied since beginning of 2013 for mod. was given a forbearance payment schedule. after 2 mo we were no longer qualified for the program as wife went back to work. we approached and notified Nationstar about the situation. the rep said that we were correct in our assessment of the situation and that we would have to file for another mod. our rep asked if it made any sense for us to continue with the payments, and was told "No since we no longer qualified for the forbearance program. at that point we stopped making payments, and was of the impression that we had to wait another 60-120...

Loan Modification - Florida, West Palm Beach / Bogas tactic

Apr 13, 2014

I applied for keep your home Calif. program after Ocwen loan servicing kept making and retaining errors regarding my account in late 2013. Back in June 2013 I was approved with keep your home Calif. principal reduction program Ocwen knew of this and quickly granted me a loan mod. before the state re issue a mandated revise loan mod. which would not require a balloon payment after loan was paid in full. At the time I was coming off unemployment and working self employed and during well. later I was force by Ocwen to sign a note stating that a balloon payment would be due with no dollar amount...

Loan Modification - Massachusetts, Newton / Loan Modification

Apr 22, 2011

I can not believe what has happened to me!! I HAVE BEEN MOST DEFINETLY SCAMMED !!! I was told that my modification would be done within 6-8 months from the guy that took my check, I also had numerous conversations with Moss Sidell who told me that he is the attorney and that he is going to handle my loan from beginning to end personally, its been over one YEAR!!! And the so called attorney and the salesman stopped returning my calls since last week!! To make matters worse they sent me a letter from "MOSS SIDELL ATTORNEY AT LAW" that he is NO LONGER WORKING ON IT and that my physical file is in...

Loan Modification - South Carolina / 18 Months of loan modification hell!

Mar 26, 2011

My Time Line of Modification Process with Bank of AMERICA! A FANNIE MAE LOAN! 18 MONTHS OF LIES LIES LIES!!! I WAS NEVER LATE UNTIL I ASKED FO HELP! July 20, 2009- Faxed an authorization letter to BOA for XXXXX to be authorized on my home loan(see authorization letter that was faxed attached) to help in the communication process with BOA. I had made several calls to BOA prior to this day to get help from the home retention department with my home loan and became frustrated with the communication process. XXXXXXX is a real estate agent who is familiar with getting necessary information...

Loan Modification - New Jersey / Purposely inconsistent and misleading

Mar 24, 2011

I agree with all complaints that anyone may have with Nationstar. They purchased my mortgage some time ago when I has a job with substantial income. As hard times have fallen on the job and health front I reluctantly pursued a mortgage modification. After six months into the process and over a hunderd document copies and many many phone calls I was granted a trial period reducing my mortgage by $300. All at the same time I was receiving monthly statements for different amounts and adised that i had better ensure that payments reacghed them by the first of each month. I failed to do so in one...

Loan Modification - Arizona, Chandler / Playing Games


Since I spent two days in NACA trying to get Wells Fargo to work with us and was told we would be seen and leave with an answer, they came back ten minutes later and told us Wells Fargo was too tired and was going home after two 12 hour days of standing in lines. Then we started to work directly with Wells Fargo to no avail. I even got a number to their Presidential Suite through a connection and was told we would definitely get an answer. Based on the same budget sheet I was told we made too little and too much and the information did not change. Then we hired a Loan Modification Specialist...

Loan Modification - Texas, Ft Worth / Predatory Lender Practice


GMAC is applying PREDATORY LENDERS on recipients of Social Security. The give the run-around for a Loan Modification request when you are not upside down and apply an addional 25% on your gross income on social security. They do not want to put this in writting. Nevertheless, there 31% becomes 40% when the additional 25% is added. This is predatory practice on seniors and disable recipients of social security. May only household income is social security benefits and there offer was to reduce the payment by TEN DOLLARS. They calculated the gross income adding 25% and I've complaint to them...

Loan Modification - New York / Loan Modification Lies


I'm writing this complaint for two reasons, on the behalf of a sibling who was scammed of $3, 000.00; to inform those considering letting these pimps 'help' modify their mortgage loan, and to gain any info to resolve the situation. Said sibling received an ad in the mail in regards to a company posing to help worthy citizens of the U.S. review their mortgage loan and receive modification. In a moment of desperation, said sibling applied for a loan modification with these jerks. Upon review of said sibling's info, 123 Fix My Loan agreed to help. 123 Fix My Loan talked over...

Loan Modification - California / Crooks, Robbers with a license, Thiefs


This firm is run by an Attorney who was licensed in 2005, 11/29/2005, " a license to steal" and thinks a rip off scheme will carry through, and perhaps it will. Rip off now, take peoples money who are desparate, "take all you can squeeze" Our Government Entitys don't care i.e. California State BAR, who licenses the Attorny's, The State Law states since Oct, 2009. NO ONE INCLUDING ATTORNEYS/LAWYERS can collect fees up-front. This Firm promises you the world for loan Modifications and delivers nothing but a sick stomach wondering why you gave him your money, that could have fed you...

Loan Modification - California, Tustin / Wont refund money and did no work.


Comapany was hired to Modify my laon and did nothing at all I had another person do the work, that referred me to them as asked for Nothing in return from me but asked Calstar to pay me back and they said no. When third Party Authoriation was sent to bank Yvette asked to have her name listed. This was for my protection and so she could check herself on the status. Calstar put third Party Auithorization in and stopped after this .Because companies have to be named with all people who will represent the borrower he said the company is doing work. If yvette did not step in I would have lost my...

Loan Modification - Michigan / refund due to term of contract


I person from a mortgage company recommended "Save my home usa" to do a loan mod. for me. She swore they were upfront honest and if they could not do what I paid them for with 3 months. I would be refunded the whole cost $2800.00, since then now 11 months later I've made numerous phone calls inwhich i have spoke to someone and they told me someone would call me back and never did.

Loan Modification - California / service/refund


Legal Loan Bailout scammed me also. I paid them 4000.00 to do my loan modification and they led me on for several months and nothing got done. I finally called my mortgage company and did the loan mod myself. I tried to get a refund which they promised and its been another month and I still have not got my money back. I reported them to BBB and still nothing yet. Like you, I will have to take them to small claims court as well if they don't refund my money which was clearly stated in the contract. DO NOT USE LEGAL LOAN BAILOUT THEY WILL SCAM YOU.

Loan Modification - Maryland, Germantown / FRAUD



Loan Modification - California / Paid for Services Never Received


My husband and I entered into a contract with Alliance Law Center to secure a loan modification for our home. We paid $4, 475 to get a first and 2nd mortgage modification. It has been approximately one year and Alliance has not lived up to their promise. The contact phone number for Alliance is out of service. We would like a return of our money, if possible.

Loan Modification - Florida, Miami / $871 in OVERDRAFT Charges


Truman Foreclosure Assistance has a new Director of Customer Service, Mrs. Shoshanna Itzkowitz, like her husband prior CEO, Jack Itzkowitz, they totally lack the integrity that comes with doing business and representing an up and up company, which they are not. ************************************************************************************ Eight months ago, I checked Truman out on BBB and found they had a “B” rating and thought I would be okay to proceed with my loan modification process. Now it is the end of August and my mortgage company still has not cleared me as having...

Loan Modification - California / unhappy customer of Colombana's firm - Mortgage relief law center and its sub-agency


Unsatisfaction with Colombana's firm - Mortgage relief law center (MRL) and its sub-agency Summary: I wrote a check of a full up-front fee to MRL, signed all paper with the firm's name on it 3 months plus ago. Now the written promise of 90 days has passed, but what the result is unclear, and refund is not honored, and all responsible people are not reachable. I tried to get the MRL revised the contract to make sure my wait time is not indefinite, but again their people of authority are not reachable. The whole 3 months plus, there was no lawyer talking to me. I recently learn that...

Loan Modification / Ignored


Two months before our savings ran out we contacted SunTrust Home Retention Unit to say we needed a modification of our loan due to present poor financial circumstances. We ended up filling out and Faxing 22 pages to them, only to get no response. When I called the number 2 weeks later they had no record of us, and started reading me the "this is an attempt to collect a debt" speech. I said "I called you!" but the person on the other end was a ###. So, when we fell behind a payment after draining our savings to pay property taxes they sent us a letter suggesting we call about loan modification!...

Loan Modification - Arizona, Gilbert / Scam


Choice loan makes promises that it does not keep. They never call clients with modification updates. Their sales force and marketing model is multi level (MLM) based and this is why they charge $3500 up front. This is how they can afford to pay commissions to all the marketing/sales levels. They do not respond to clients once they have been paid for services. Beware!!!

Loan Modification - Hawaii, Honolulu / MONEY BACK GAURANTEED... NOT!!!


After being denied for a Loan Modification, we were told that the $1, 000 deposit fee would be returned to us. Its been over a month, and i've been trying to get a hold of the loan officer that "helped" us, MICHELLE MORROW, and all I got were voicemails. I left dozens of voicemails, and none of it were returned. Their customer service is no help either. I just get transfered, re-routed and at the end, all I got were answering machines.

Loan Modification - California, Aliso Viejo / Scams


WHERE DO I START ????? About a year ago my husband and I were trying to figure out how we were going to continue making our house payments. We have been managing them as much as we could. We saw an ad for Lucas Law Center and thought maybe this was the answer we were looking for. I spoke to Justin Springer and he assured us that this was the way to go. That they were not one of those scams that you could get caught up in spending 1200.00 and get nothing out of it and lose your money. They were a bit more pricey because they were attorneys. We paid a lot for our service. Much more than I read...