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Litton Bank Complaints & Reviews

Litton Bank / Unfair business practices


I'm no expert by any means, but if Litton has screwed up your credit rating to the point it's going to take 7 years to fix, if it can be fixed and you are going to end up losing your home you have nothing to lose here. I have a sister going through the same as many of you. She is paying her loan and Litton says she's behind by 6 months and has no record of her payments. She has written and talked with a backruptcy court, state representatives, attorney generals in two states and still nothing has happened. I hope at least everyone who deals with Litton had done the same thing...

Litton Bank - California, Santa Maria / Unfair action taken


Litton Bank had accepted an offer from me to purchase a foreclosure home, the purchase agreement was presented to the bank, who was deliberately delinquent and late to complete the signatures, 10 days period had expired and 3 weeks later the offer acceptance was canceled by the bank, I had paid for home inspection and loan approval, no reason to cancel and refuse to abide by the agreement.