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Sep 20, 2012

I had purchase FATHER KNOWS BEST from At the start, I thought this site was a rip-off because I didn’t receive a confirmation email after I placed the order. I tried to contact the company and ask for the tracking information of my order. They replied immediately with the tracking number I needed. The shipping has been gone for almost 2 weeks and I was a bit angry by then. I emailed the seller again and their customer support told me that they’re unable to guarantee delivery before a certain date because the mail delivery facilities in certain areas, and... / good set

Sep 19, 2012 sent my boxset of Malcolm in the Middle right on time, as mentioned! For an extremely affordable of this DVDs, this is a wonderful boxset to own. The show brings back memories of my childhood. The packaging is a bit flimsy. However, the DVDs I received played just fine. If the packaging isn't a concern to you (as it wasn't for me) then you should be happy with this whole set. Except for the not-so-very-good DVD cases, this set is a good buy and very enjoyable. I feel that for the money I spent buying this complete DVD series was a great deal! I would recommend the set to others. / Very Reliable

Sep 18, 2012

I ordered the classic TV series ‘Sisters’ from I received the DVDs and was really excited to get them. I have attempted to watch 40 of these DVDs and absolutely none of them are watchable. It all stop during the first episode and five of the discs play nothing at all. I was really upset because I felt I wasted money with these DVDs. I emailed the company immediately to address the problem. I received a reply from them within the day. They asked some information with reference to the DVD player we used at home, they also listed some suggestions on how will... / Wonderful Collection

Sep 15, 2012

THE LIFE AND TIMES OF GRIZZLY ADAMS series would probably my number one best TV series during my childhood days. So, I’m thankful that I saw this classic series from I ordered this series right away. The package arrived within a week, pretty fast! I simply love the complete episodes in this whole package. No problems encountered while playing the discs! Pretty impressed with the company and I think they provided a good transfer of the show. The quality of the whole DVDs is absolutely wonderful. For a very reasonable price of this collection, I wouldn’t mind ordering more from this seller.