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Lion Distributing Complaints & Reviews

Lion Distributing - Tennessee / light bulb sales scam


they shipped a case of light bulbs ( that I did not order) and sent me a invoice for $572.00.I got harassing phone calls for the next 9 months.I talked to MARY HILL many times saying I did not order them.I will not pay.send me a return label & I will ship them back to you.the price then dropped to $272.00.I can buy these bulbs locally for $60.00 (my responce to them)I never paid them a should not ever pay them.If you pay them they will ship you many cases and say well you paid in the past.. they only had a po box for their address.they finally sent me their address or I could keep...

Lion Distributing / Fraud and lies


This company called my job looking for the maintenance person. There I went answering the call 'Hey there my name is Mike Barns with Lion Distributing and your name is?' I replied ' My name is blah-blah.' 'Well blah-blah it shows here that your hotel is using PL-S 2700 spiral light bulbs is that correct?' 'I'm not certain of the model type but I do know they're the type you screw in like regular bulbs.' 'Oh okay.' He then began telling me he has shipped a cordless drill along with a hunting buck knife as a free gift, No Charge. He just...