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linda renda Complaints & Reviews

linda renda - California, Lakeside / HOUSE RENTALS


linda renda tried to rent me a house out of san diego that doesnt belong to her she asked me to send 1, 000.00 and 1, 000.00 she said she was cathiolic and a church goer and that i could get the keys that her and her daughter and husband would sent the keys DHL right away this lady is commiting fraud...this is what she wrote me Thanks for your response..I am more than happy to read your email and I am sorry for the accident, i pray to God that anything like that will not happen to you in life again.I will be glad if you can send me the money difference western union location because i dont...

linda renda - Michigan / puppy scams


i started adopting mastiff puppy, from linda renda.i received her information on they are petfinders amongst other products. after contacting ms.renda she informed me that the puppy would cost $250.00 to cover the cost of shots and vet checks, in which i could understand, i agreed, this also cam with a guarentee for christmas delivery, then i was told the cost of shipping would be $100.00, i still agreed through many contacts by e-mail, she always blessed me and my family, she acted very religious. she told me to go to western union, and wire her the money, then the puppy would be...