SUBMIT A COMPLAINT Complaints & Reviews - New York, Brooklyn — No customer support!

I have used this website and was overcharged! When I contacted LifeBooker customer service and asked for help they said they'll contact the scammers and think of what to do. Later they contacted me and said that those guys claimed that we had an agreement and that they did not charge any extra. LifeBooker rep said that there was nothing they could do! Lost $100 because of these guys!

Brooklyn Other  · Oct 19, 2016 — LIfebooker is a terrible, terrible company

LIfebooker is a terrible, terrible company. If you get your loot and use it and have no need to contact the company, you are probably okay, but if you have a problem, watch out! Arienne (the person who handles problems or refunds) is a horrible excuse for someone in customer service. She will tell you she will refund you, and never do it. When you call back and get her (after 40 or 50 tries) she will start talking to you, then hang up on you (she hung up on me 6 times, just when I was in mid conversation, as in "Oh, yeah, sorry I didn't get back to you, I was just about to...Click" she...

Online Scams  · Dec 21, 2012 — Please all - avoid this site like the plague

Please all- avoid this site like the plague. I have purchased a deal from them. Noticed that my credit card was charged for the deal, I went on the site to use the “loot”. Turns out it was there. I emailed them, and provided them with the information. They immediately emailed back asking for my name and the deal information, I did so. Then after a week, I decided to email them again since I haven't heard from them. Nothing, nada, zip. Finally, three weeks later, I decided to give them a call. Their automated system puts you on hold for a period of six minutes then rings, and...

Online Scams  · Dec 08, 2012 — It has been 3 weeks now and I have not heard from them at all

Horrible customer service. My facial appointment via lifebooker was cancelled 20 hrs prior and the merchant says she asked lifebooker t inform me. This was never done. I wrote a complaint to lifebooker regarding this and even sent a reminder for a response. It has been 3 weeks now and I have not heard from them at all!! Argh!! Unsubscribing from this one immediately.

1 comments Internet Services  · Nov 06, 2012 — I decided to just take the $14 loss and never patron the site again

I used to be an avid client of Lifebooker until earlier this year, when I purchased two Lifebooker vouchers for Soca Motion classes and after calling and writing the merchant repeatedly to schedule the classes and receiving no response, I contacted Lifebooker for a refund and was told, basically, that it was not Lifebooker’s problem. I filed a report with the Better Business Bureau, and I intended to blog and write on review sites about Lifebooker’s policy of “screw you—you buy from us and you’re on your own”, but I decided to just take the $14 loss and never patron the site again.

Online Scams  · Aug 03, 2012 - New York, New York — Horrible Customer Service

I purchased a regular brazilian wax from lifebooker loot on July 11, 2012. A week ago, I began laser hair removal and decided that waxing was not the route I wanted to go and called lifebooker to see what their refund policy was. I looked at my account and notice that even though I had not used the loot, or printed out the certificate, the loot was marked as used. I was completely confused. I called lifebooker CS to see what the refund policy was. Ariana stated that within 10 days they can do a full refund beyond that time-frame they needed to contact the company. Okay fine. So she did so and...

1 comments New York Online Scams  · Aug 01, 2012 — The worst customer service ever

The worst customer service ever! they work with crappy business owners without looking into the business. once i bought a deal for a massage and when i arrived to the location, i realized the massage was performed at his own house (in getto Korea Town area). he had birds flying inside his home... i am not lying. the other time, i bought a facial deal and this lady was rude, lying B. she made me wait 20 min outside of the building (she had the door locked from inside and did not pick up for phone for 20 min). i was mad... when she finally called me back, she didn't apologize at all but told...

10 comments Online Scams  · Apr 23, 2012 — Customer service is absolutely deplorable

Customer service is absolutely deplorable. I think this site may just be a scam. They're phone hangs up on you with no warning. Their reps tell you they will get back to you and never do and they obviously don't keep a thread of customer complaints because every time you call in you'd better know the last reps's name because you have to start over every time!! Lifebooker also shares your phone number with the business without asking you and has you deal with them when they're done doing their job.

Internet Services  · Mar 12, 2012 — Avoid this place at all costs

I purchased Laser hair removal (LHR) from them. It was a $229 for 4 areas at European Skin Care Center in NYC. First I couldn't get the company to pick up the phone to place the appointment . When I finally did I went it to find a filty dirty office. 1. They didn't use a paper liner in between customers, just a dirty blanket. 2. They didn't offer we protective eyewear. 3. I googled the treatment when I got home and saw that I recieved IPL instead of LHR. I called the company and told them about it. They promised to get back to me. Noone did. I emailed someone named Ariane and...

1 comments Health & Beauty  · Jan 06, 2012