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Life Management Center Complaints & Reviews

Life Management Center - North Carolina, Charlotte / Complaint

Apr 29, 2011

Bottom line is DO NOT WORK FOR MIKE OR EVA!!! You will not get paid. It's pretty much a pimp and hoe situation. They are the pimps and you are the hoe. You do all the work, give them all the money and you will be lucky to go home with $5 the end of the day. I was there for 2 weeks and did not take a dime home. Not only that...when I quit because I am not working for free, they anonymously called DSS and lied on me saying I was a prostitute, all over Craigslist and I rent out motel and hotel room out to sell my body and I bring my child along with me. They also said that I forged Mike name...

Life Management Center - North Carolina, Charlotte / False advertisement and HORRIBLE work ethics


After working my ### of day after day in all weather conditions for about a week...peddling their product...eating maybe once while walking around for 6-8 hours...YES WALKING AND PEDDLING!! I didn't make a penny...I was given false promises and anytime a question was asked about how we got paid, they'd act like you just asked them to buy you a car...they WILL NOT give you direct answers and Mike will call you all sorts of names if you ask a question that he doesn't like or want to answer...they talk ### about everyone who decides the job isn't for them...after all...

Life Management Center - North Carolina, Charlotte / SCAM JOB


This is a scam job! They have moved from state to state changing the name of the business. They say they are recuiting for every position from sales to receptionist. But all it is door to door sales and you dont even get good commission. When I walked into the office, I noticed they did not even have computers or any office equipment yet the posting for the job said you would have to fax, make copies, etc. BEWARE!!!