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Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia Complaints & Reviews

Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia / Mailing practices

Dec 12, 2015

Never give Liberty your address. Once they have it, they will mail you to no end, asking for money, pushing the Alumni association, Flames Club sports subscriptions, the school newspaper, et cetera. I have tried to contact people to unsubscribe, but it is unclear who I should contact. I have seemingly unsubscribed from the newsletter and Flames Club mailing list, but I received another random piece of mail today asking for money for a scholarship fund. When I move, I will not set up a forwarding address. Though it will be a big risk and pain to manually update all of my addresses, I...

Liberty University, Lynchburg Virginia / Unfair school policies

Aug 21, 2014

Liberty University of Lynchburg, Virginia Financial Aid Office has a school policy or procedure that is applied to all former and current students that is in my opinion an UNFAIR PRACTICE. Students who have approved Federal Student Loans (Subsidized Loans and Unsubsidized Loans) would usually get their loans disbursed to the school that they have registered classes on. At Liberty University, they received all student loans for ALL students for the Fall Semester and Spring Semester in the month of November. In my case my Federal Student loans (subsidized and unsubsidized loans) was disbursed to...