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Liberty Settlements Complaints & Reviews

Liberty Settlements / Unauthorized charges


My family like so many today was struggling in debt. We considered bankruptcy, but I didn't like the idea of stiffing people who had extended us credit in good faith. When Liberty Settlements said they could settle our debts for 40% of their current balance and have us debt free in three years or less, it seemed almost too good to be true! Sadly, like most things that seem too good to be true, it wasn't. Early on I started worrying because the company takes their commission upfront instead of waiting until the debt is settled and taking the commission along with the payment. I tried to...

Liberty Settlements / Rip Off Fruad


This Company debited my checking account a total of $568.00 and never contacted or paid the Credit Company any money like they said they would. As a result my Credit Rating would have been ruined had I not cancelled with them. I called them to refund my money because they did not do what they said they'd do. They flatly declined to send me back my money and didn'td seem to care when I threatened to contact seveal agencies and complain. They are holding my money and have done nothing for me. I want my money back!