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liberty rewards & trust inc. Complaints & Reviews

liberty rewards & trust inc. / Phoney Check


Received a check from Liberty Rewards and Trust Inc. for the amount of $4, 875.00 telling me I'd won a total of $125, 000.00, but not to cash the check until I'd phoned them and received some kind of code or something in order to be able to cash this check. Anyway, I called them and asked them what the scam was and the guy with a very thick accent then hung up on me. I then walked myself over to my next door neighbor's house and asked to use her computer to look them up and discovered and that they were indeed a total scam. I hope I didn't mess anything up by calling and...

liberty rewards & trust inc. - Ontario, Toronto / Winning of de - lotto north


I was sent a check in the amount of $ 4875. 00, and told to call 1 - 416 - 841 - 7842, when i called a man said to deposit the check in my bank and after i had done that to call him back so he could release the rest of my winnings to me in the amount of $125, 000 via fedx, he also told me that the check that was sent to me was to pay goverment taxes. The tax amount is $2, 875 and would be paid directly to the tax agent via western union, or money gram. When i asked him if this was a scam he started yelling at me and told me to go to the bank and deposit the check. I told him i would do better than that, i told him i was going to call the better buisness bureau. Then he hung up the phone on me.