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Lewis Tree Service Complaints & Reviews

Lewis Tree Service - New York, Mechanicville / left a mess of brush and logs on our property

Aug 17, 2018

There was a power outage due to tree falling on the NYSEG branch line to 323 Farm to Market Road. The service line to 323 Farm to Market is located near the entrance sign to my Community of 70 Homes called Arlington Heights. I am the contracts and grounds committee chairperson. I can be reached at [protected] or [protected]. The outage at 323 was corrected by temporary measures last week, including rope to stabilize one of the old power poles providing service to 323 Farm to Market. On August 14, Lewis Tree Service crew dedicated to NYSEG came and did extensive tree and limb...

Lewis Tree Service - Florida, Fort Myers / workers stealing fruit from my yard

May 25, 2018

I caught 2 tree trimmers stealing fruit from my yard. They are hired by FPL to trim trees from power lines and have been in my neighborhood for weeks. They have access to our yards to trim trees but I just caught 2 of them stealing my fruit. I reported it to their supervisor but don't know what they will do about it. Wanted FPL to be aware since they are hired by FPL. I took pictures of the 2 guys and their truck.