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Legal CPU Complaints & Reviews

Legal CPU / Small Claims Filing


I found Legal CPU on the internet when trying to file a small claims on a customer who refused to pay. I filled out the paperwork and my first case worker did not get back to me. I called and they said she was no longer with the company and assigned me a new case worker. I went through the paperwork again and never heard from them. I called for updates and after many phone calls was told that the court date had passed. I was never notified of the court date. They wanted more money to re-file the claim. I chose to file myself and found that they had the wrong court anyway and the wrong Agent...

Legal CPU / Terrible experience


I was guaranteed a refund from Legal CPU for a name change if my petition was rejected for any reason. It was rejected because the county where I live does not use the forms that Legal CPU sent. I called to ask for a refund. The guy I talked to yelled at me and was very rude. He said I would not get a refund. I persisted, and he told me to send the copies of the forms the county does use. I did this, and never heard from them. I contacted the California attorney general's office and Legal CPU never responded to them, either. Now I have to file a lawsuit.