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Legacy Long Distance Complaints & Reviews

Legacy Long Distance / Fraud

Apr 25, 2011

On 4/1/11, I was delayed at the Milwaukee airport for four hours. I called my family on a pay phone that advertised 4 minutes for $1.00 anywhere in the USA. I was charged nearly $10.00 for a 2 minute call! When I called the company to complain about this excessive charge, I was basically laughed at for being so *** as to use one of the payphones they operate and they seem to have the payphone concession in many locations around the USA. These guys should be shut down for false advertising and overcharging people that use a pay phone in a public location. If this has happened to you contact the BBB in Wisconsin.

Legacy Long Distance / Excessive collect call rates

Apr 11, 2011

Rec'd a bill from Legacy LD Intl Inc for 3 min. collect pc. total cost = $41.74. upon calling them @ 8005534218 today. they do not adjust rates and refuse to forward pc to mgr.or supervisor I asked repeatedly to talk to mgr. or supervisor but was told I was speaking wtih correct person and then to have a nice day. then they hung up. All because I agreed prior to the pc to accept the charges. They do not advise what the rates are and should. this is unacceptable and robbery and theft to say the least! Beware...Beware...Beware...Beware.

Legacy Long Distance / Unauthorized charges


My husband was taken to an inmate holding facility in Texas and of course he called me. I accepted the phone call but before accepting I was told to enter a valid credit card number. I had to talk to him so I did but never in my worst nightmare did I realize how much this phone call was going to cost me. We talked twice that night but not for very long because in a jail they don't let you talk for too long. This was on March 20, 2009. A little over a week later I was checking my bank account online and saw that I had overdrafted on a couple of checks. I had no idea why and then I saw two...

Legacy Long Distance / Scam


Got a charge for $45 on my telephone bill from this ZPDI and Legacy LD that I had never heard of. Their story is that a 3rd party collect call was made and that since they had my name in their records that means they called my number to get approval for the collect call and that I answered and gave them my name as approval. I never approved any collect calls or even got a call requesting that I approve one. When I called them they basically said I was a liar and that they had no obligation to provide proof (i.e. recording of me accepting the charges). This group seriously needs to be checked out by the FCC.