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LEC Wireless Complaints & Reviews

LEC Wireless - Texas, Maypearl / PISS POOR INTERNET


Funny how they claim to have a wireless mesh that never goes down! FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!!! Start the LAWSUITS!!! How can you sell something and claim it to be something that you know its not??????????? And claim to be a Christian based company??? The only way he (Leroy Nabors) can run his business is by lying to his customers!!! It will be a sad day when people find out he DOESNT have an always up wireless mesh network like he claims to have in order to get customers!! That day is now!!! Look it up wireless mesh... DEFINETLY not what LEC Wireless have even though they claim to have that! Once...

LEC Wireless - Texas, Maypearl / Internet Service Provider does NOT provide!


I started with Texas Air Net in July and I thought they were bad. Once LEC took over, I couldn't believe anything could be worse than TAN, but boy was I wrong!!! LEC has to be the absolute, hands down worst Internet service provider on this planet! On a daily basis, I hang, speeds drop down to less than dialup, and go down constantly. They have minimum wage know-nothing monkeys working for support. If you get to speak to their boss, Mike Maendler, he blows smoke up your ### telling you to be patient it will get better. Then he goes on to tell you they are going to increase bandwidth and...