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On june 12-2010 my wife has has seen a sign: authenticity guarantee on so she has ordered a woman hand bag as louis vuitton monogram artsy gm for 681.00 usd (after discount). After received it, she's learned that: it's a fake, totally faked. We're so upset! We do not think that it 's happened in america where consumer's right are protect by law. You could guess how may client are cheated and how much the earn everyday around the world by lazata. / fake purses and refuse to refund the money


this company is a fake nothing but a fake passing off louis vuitton fake hand bags as the real deal. louis vuitton does not sell imperfect anything, they will trash any handbag with errors before they bring the value of thier pruducts down by selling bad items. bought a bag, it was fake, sent it back 3 weeks ago they recieved the bag and claim they never have and claim there is an investigation going to find it. in the mean time they have and the bag and are refusing to refund. DON"T BUY FROM THIS COMPANY / Counterfeit items


Bought three bags two came one was backordered. The dust bags looked suspect, the stiching was poor. I had caroldiva authenticate. The two bags were fakes. The fonts were wrong and so was the stiching. I sent the bags back and they were recieved on the 30th of July, I'm still waiting for a refund(August 17th). The staff is horrible, what they are doing is wrong and I want to make sure they don't scam anyone else into buying fake bags. Stay away from They sell fake handbags and they drag their feet in refunding! Buy from Louis only since i... - California / Fake Louis Vuitton


!! DON'T BUY IT !! Let me first say: I'm not one to buy designer merchandise online (I like the satisfaction of holding the item before I buy it, and the security of knowing I purchased it from a reputable AUTHORIZED retailer.) But this bag is Sold Out in stores and NOWHERE to be found, until I discovered I purchased what their website and phone operator assured me was an "AUTHENTIC" Louis Vuitton Speedy 30 Mirage in Bordeaux. (This is the bag with the dark red patent leather handles and red fade over the LV monogram canvas. Made in 2007, Limited Edition, very hard to...