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lawyers - Florida, Miami Lakes / Loan Modification


This company takes payments in advance to supposedly do a loan modification for your home. They make you sign a non-refundable contract stating that you pay upfront for loan modification services which you never get from them. They also request for you to pay them on a monthly basis for their services. They send you a package a few weeks after you hire them stating that they are in contact with your mortgage company for the loan modification. Months pass and they never have mailed or done anything for you. When your property goes into foreclosure you try to fight the mortgage company and these...

lawyers - New Jersey / false judgment tactics


judgement received against me, never legally own debt. also, debt was paid in full to cc company, settled in 1995, . notified motor vechicles, and lein against my car title was sent me, the car was worth maybe 200.00...also, my assets did not exceed 1000.00, illegal on many grounds. Pressler and Pressler, and the company involved with them, are making a mockery at of the court system, with all their shady business practices. not sure how to proceed, any advise would be appreciated. They count on people not being able to afford a lawyer, or know the complicated court system, for resolving these false claims.

lawyers - Arizona, Apache Junction / Taxes, credit cards, and asbestos


I am so sick of the immoral commercials involving lawyers with huge egos, that tell you that you don't have to pay your taxes, or your credit card bill, "just come and see us...we'll make sure the rest of the population will pay it for you.."<br /> <br /> Or this one that says "if you have even HEARD of the word Asbestos...come on in We'll sue someone for you"<br /> Just another exanple of the deteriorating Goodness of AMERICAN way of life!!!<br /> Ron Douglas



STORY INFORMATION July 26, 2008 Are you interested in reporting the most outrageous, egregious abomination within the US Justice System? I have been fighting to recover over $300, 000.00 for fourteen years from a suspended, convicted NY attorney. This attorney has misappropriated escrow funds from three other clients that we know of, yet he was only suspended and not disbarred. He attempted to file bankruptcy in order to escape his crime but I stopped that action. I finally tracked down his accomplice in London and won a judgment in September, 2006 but not before his accomplice demanded a...