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Laura Smith Complaints & Reviews

Laura Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / mental illness

Nov 24, 2017

We all know everything posted in here about ******* are complete lies. The real person behind all these posts are from a 31 year old woman named Laura Smith. Or Laura Hamilton. Or Elle Kingsley. Or Lola Briggida. It's really hard to keep up to what her real name is. Just google her. Her ridiculous lies about strangers on the internet started in 2003 when she had several livejournal accounts. And several deadjournal accounts. Oh, remember when you dyed her hair blonde and fried your hair? Over 20 different domains with stolen content (Layouts/lies about her life etc). Each few years she...

Laura Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / harassment

Nov 23, 2017

OK...two steps to follow Laura. Step 1: Stop getting jealous of Kay's beauty and previous accomplishments. Step 2: Move on with your life and be happy! I know it is a bit over simplified and probably a lot easier said than done...but it does set a very direct guideline. To accomplish Step 1 you really should set a time frame of say...1 month of not looking at Kay's social media profiles. Then try and make it 3 months...and then 6 etc. This would be a very great start in getting into the habit of not being so obsessive.