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Laura Michelle Smith Complaints & Reviews

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / cease and desist

Nov 18, 2017

Greetings Laura. I know who you are, who you're pretending to be and all of the horrible ways you've been trying to ruin my business. We know all of your aliases. We've screen shot everything. We've also been in contact with Krystal as well and have all the documentation she has collected on you and the harassment you have been doing to her, as well as others. Please do NOT take this warning as a joke. We are very serious that we will not only take you to court for slander and harassment, but we will also file a complaint with the police. Do not act stupid or pretend you know nothing of thi...

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / stalking

Nov 14, 2017

Laura Michelle Smith of Hamilton, Ontario, Canada is mental. It's been 10 years that I've been reading about myself online and harassed by Laura Michelle Smith on Facebook and Twitter. Laura Michelle Smith used to creare pages about me on blogspot filled with horrible content about how I'm a sex offender and a cat killer. Laura Michelle Smith will never stop.

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / robbery

Nov 11, 2017

Laura Michelle Smith and Emmanuel Hamilton broke into my apartment in east Hamilton on November 7th and stole several items including my prescription of oxycontin that I take for arthritis, expensive jewelry and a guitar that belonged to my boyfriend's deceased father. All of this was caught on video and submitted to the Hamilton Police Department. Thank you so much to the readers of "Only in Hamilton" for helping me identify the perpetrators.

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / criminal harassment

Aug 30, 2017

None of Laura's so called "victims" appear to actually give her much attention at all. I can’t find any blogs or forums where she is being talked about and hated on every day, yet I need to look no further than her website to see her constantly hating on others on a daily basis. Her being “harassed” is imagined. She creates the scenario of all these people still harassing her. This is an example of how she views life in general. She mentally uglifies the world around her. This is how she chooses to envision things. Much like Bonnie Combs, she labels everyone and everything as a pedophile, rapist...

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / Laura Smith Hamilton, Ricardo Jaye, Bonnie Combs

Apr 25, 2017

Laura Michelle Smith, infamous cyberstalker and design thief, teamed up with Bonnie Combs, also an infamous cyberstalker and compulsive liar, in 2014. Now she's besties with some lunatic from Luton, UK named Ricardo Jaye who is an Internet predator and tends to attack beautiful young women while standing up for hideous shemales like Laura. These two maniacs can be found on Instagram @Heartunmarred, Twitter @Dangerousfrank @16thHarmony and @XVIILegion and on Facebook @Dangerousfrank Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / laura m. smith, laura smith hamilton, lmsh, elle kingsley, brianne austin, donnieg, 16thharmony

Apr 17, 2017

So it is April 17th, 2017. That makes it almost 6 years that I have been reading about myself on the internet. It started in the Spring of 2011 with Hoebook articles, Secrets Anon posts, Reddit comments, Twitter profiles, and other online postings. Some, such as those on complaints board, were written about me as early as 3pm this afternoon. These accounts were created "anonymously" for people to write their feelings about a person they believe was acting unsavoury. The unfortunate truth is that the postings contain nothing more than denigration, defamation, and childish jabs at my appearance...

Laura Michelle Smith - Ontario, Hamilton / Lifeguard

Jul 29, 2016

Laura Michelle Smith / Laura Smith Hamilton works as a lifeguard in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Recently, there was an issue where my 5 year old son was clearly drowning and she neglected to help. Why? Because we're from the Six Nations Reserve. It's common knowledge that Laura Smith and her family (from Townsend, Ontario) discriminate against those from Six Nations. My son nearly died because Laura refused to help a native boy. Beware of this psychopath!