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Last Chance Payday Loans Complaints & Reviews

Last Chance Payday Loans - Arizona, Tempe / unauthorized debit withdraw


I applied for a payday loan and they told me that I had signed up for the Id Protection services and they withdrew $31.00 from my checking account I never signed anything with them and they withdrew from my checking account. I want my money back in my account within 72 hours and here is my confirmation number that they gave me it is 3018736 and here is their phone number. 1-866-955-0870 or I will report them to the BBB if my money it not put back in my account.

Last Chance Payday Loans - Ohio / Charged fee for ID theft Ins.


I applied for a payday advance loan through Last Chance and was charged a fee of $31.98. When the charge appeared on my account all it said was that it was an automatic debit with no other information. I then had to go to my bank to research the transaction and got the phone number to call. The operator informed me that the charge is an automatic fee when you apply for a loan, no matter weather you actually take the loan or not. The fee is for "ID theft protection". I was told to visit this site and was given a cancellation number to input and then told that I had to call back 24hrs. after I...