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Larry and Dan's Marathon Complaints & Reviews

Larry and Dan's Marathon - Illinois, Schaumburg / Overpricing


I've been a customer for Larry and Dan's for years. And I recently had some repairs done onto my car and talking with acquaintances of mine, found out that I was overcharged for the service they have done. If it were a few dollars, it wouldn't be such of an issue, but when it comes to hundreds of dollars difference, then I do have a problem with that. When talking to the owner Dan, he explains the situation that the parts are included in the price and he is not in control of the price of the parts. As owner, his explanation was not excusable and I will be going to have service...

Larry and Dan's Marathon - Illinois, Schaumburg / Rip-Off


I had my van towed in for repairs because it would not start, They changed the ignition coil and the crank sensor but could not get it to run.Then they removed the new parts and put my old ones back in and charged me $190.00. I complained and the owner Dan reduced it down to $79.95 for nothing. I had to pay another time to tow it to the Chevrolet dealer.