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Jan 18, 2012

I ordered a laptop charger through this website. I paid using Pay-pal and accidentally forgot to change my shipping address. This was about 9 AM this morning, by 10 I realized my mistake and quickly wrote two e-mails to them, one through their website and one using my personal e-mail account. Their website promises 24 hour customer support. I have never heard back from them. Rather, at 9 PM I simply got an automated message saying my order was shipped (to the wrong address.) I freely acknowledge my mistake but to promise 24 hour customer service and to have still not responded nearly 12 hours later is disgraceful. / Product dead

May 21, 2013

Ordered Dell laptop power adapter after checking with them that their specific SKU would work. Yes, it would, they replied. Product arrived-- did not match one shown on website and, more important, .was DOA. No question about specifications - electrical specs on product they provided matched those on OEM adapter. Replies to e-mails to them are repeated requests for "what's wrong" (it's dead I keep saying), send us photograph of product we sent you (did so, but fail to see why), etc. etc. Then, again, the sixth e-mail from them: " Dear Valued Customer, Thanks for your email, it is our... / Scam site

Mar 15, 2013

This is pure theft. I ordered 2 power cords for my laptop. When they arrived, one did not work at all (no power to my laptop). The other powered up my laptop but completely disabled my mouse function. I then went to the BestBuy shop, bought a power cord from them, which worked without any problem at all, and without any interference in the functionality of my laptop (including the mouse function). I have emailed 17 times over the last 2 months to request a refund, and I have not received a single response. I have also tried live messaging them, again, with no response. This is called theft.