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Laminate Flooring Complaints & Reviews

Laminate Flooring / Laminate floor peeled one week after installation

Dec 19, 2014

We hired this so-called Company two months ago and gave them the description of what we want. We paid 50% deposit upfront. We requested all the necessary proof that they are the legit Company. On the 1st of September they came and installed the floor. My mistake was not to monitor what they were doing since I assumed they were professional but what was strange was the kind of noise the workers were making as if drilling on the wall? Anyway when the work was completed we paid them the rest of the money. Soon after that we found out that they didn't complete the floor on the sides and the...

Laminate Flooring - Florida, Orlando / Excessive Pricing

Nov 05, 2013

Had an estimate for about 517 sq ft of flooring - first price came out to almost 10, 000 dollars, final price was lowered down to around 7, 000 - basically anywhere between 13 and 20 dollars a sq ft. Was just going to lay it directly over existing tile - no rip out what so ever. Only about 6 flavors to choose from - there are allot better materials and more available out on the market - please do your home work before working with these folks.

Laminate Flooring - Florida, Deerfield Beach / Flooring Warping from Moisture

Feb 05, 2012

My Empire Today flooring experience has left me feeling angry, insulted and cheated. I gave Empire Today the opportunity to make things right for this consumer and they failed. Here's my story: I purchased a home in November 2010. I have 3 dogs, 1 was a puppy at the time and, while looking at homes, I was intentionally avoiding those that had wall-to-wall carpeting because 1 of my older dogs has accidents and does not like to go outside when it's raining, my other dog marks and my daughter's new puppy was not house trained yet. I found the house I now own. There was brand new...